Looking for a fun way to kick start some new healthy habits? We’re starting a 4-week clean-eating challenge on Monday, May 6th! The goal of the nutrition challenge is to eliminate processed foods. We will use a simple point system and winners will receive a cash prize and bragging rights, plus all of the awesomeness that comes with eating clean and exercising. The log sheets will be available at the gym starting on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

What you need to do:

  • Signup at the gym.
  • Bring $25 entry fee by May 3rd ($40 if you are not a Highland Strength member).
  • Complete the benchmark workout at the beginning and end of the challenge.
  • Take your measurements at the beginning and end of the challenge (we can do this at the gym).
  • Eat clean and keep track of your daily points. Be honest when recording what you’re eating.
  • Check in with buddies. We won’t be sharing points with partners or teams for this challenge, but we encourage you to check in with an accountability buddy or two anyways.
  • You will be added to a Clean Eating Facebook Group where we can share recipes, resources and tips to help each other stay on track.

What can I eat?


  • LEGUMES (no peanuts)
  • WHOLE GRAINS (*see instructions on point sheet for details).
  • NATURAL SUGAR (1 tbsp a day of raw honey, maple syrup, or stevia)

Here are some guidelines for portions, but if you want help making a meal plan with portions, just let us know.

How to Earn Points:

  • It’s possible to earn 50 points per week (7 points per day, and 1 bonus point for a perfect week). Here’s how:
  • Daily Points (7)
    • Up to 4 points for eating clean all day. *please see the breakdown below.
    • 2 points for working out (at the gym or one of the home workouts).
    • 1 point for a 20+ minute walk per day.
  • 1 bonus point for a perfect week.
  • Log sheets will be available at the gym beginning on Tuesday, April 30th.
  • Food Points Breakdown:
4 Points:  Perfect day of eating.

Example:  No cheats.

3 Points:  One minor slip.
Example:  Milk in the coffee, condiments (salad dressing, mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc), one tortilla chip, one Cheerio, one bit or sip of anything that is not allowed.

2 Points:  Significant slip, but not an entire meal.
Example:  One glass of wine or one beer, finished your kid’s Mac ’N Cheese, piece of bread at dinner.

1 Points:  Major slip, a full meal went bad.
Example:  You had Pizza or pasta for dinner, more than one alcoholic drink, dessert.

0 Points:  More than one meal went bad throughout the day.
Example:  You went off the rails at dinner and then went out for drinks.

Clean Eating Important Dates

  • Kick-off WOD/measurements: Monday, May 6th (daily log points start as of midnight on Sunday, May 5th)
  • Final WOD/measurements: Monday, June 3rd (daily log points end as of midnight on Sunday, June 2nd.)
  • Clean eating potluck celebration in June– more details to follow!


  • What if I can’t make the kick-off or final WOD? No worries!  We have plenty of open gym time (anytime between classes) for you to come in and complete it.
  • What if I’m traveling/hosting a party/going to a happy hour during the next four weeks?  The time is never going to be exactly right and we want to create healthy habits that will work with your lifestyle. Some days we won’t get a perfect score.
  • What if my question wasn’t answered here?  Email ndarbyson@gmail.com