Joe Garrick– Awesome Dad and Fitness Role Model to his kids, Fun-Loving Guy and Dedicated Weightlifter.

What does your typical day look like?

Well, with my shift schedules a work day looks like this: get up at 5am, get lunch ready and head off to catch the work bus to start my 10.5 hour shift at 6am. When finished work at 5pm I rush home, get supper ready, and head off to an arena with one of my three boys or all three together.

Favourite way to spend a Friday night?

I have always liked to get the family together, all 5 of us, and catch up on all of the recorded programs from the past week.  

When did you start working out and why?

I have always worked out a bit right from high school.  To be honest the reason for working out at the start was just to blend into what everyone else was doing at the time.  Now I am working out these days to get rid of ache and pains and to know that I can do this now not just to blend in anymore.

Why Menesetung CrossFit?

The real reason for MCF is that I have always said I would like to try out crossfit and then Christmas 2016 I received a gift certificate for MCF intro classes.  I went to the classes and the coaches(Ben and Nicki) were great at showing what crossfit was all about.  Now I have been going now for around 6 months and I am loving ever minute of the programs and the family like atmosphere.  Dropping 40 lbs and getting into the best shape I have ever been in.

What’s your favourite thing about working out?

The best part of working out is that I know that I am doing something great for myself and for my family.  It is an awesome feeling that I can keep up to my very busy active boys.  The other great thing is the feeling after a workout that you finished it and are getting better each and every time.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you.

Since 2007 I have had 3 heart operations to try and stop atrial fibrillation, which is a irregular heart rate that made me just pass out sometimes from doing nothing to feeling very week and tired just sitting around.  My heart rate would raise to over 200 beats a minute to the next time be under 60 beats a minute.  Now with these operations and my healthy changes I have been able to keep it from returning.

And for our own selfish interest… any good recommendations for books or movies?

Well I am not a big reader but if had to I would seat a read a sports themed book, (Don Cherry, Bob Probert).  Movies that have special ops type themes would be the ones that I would sit and watch, Sniper comes to mind.