Katie Bendig– Awesome Teacher, Crazy Weightlifter, Pinterest Queen, and World-Class Auntie!

What does your typical day look like?

Going to work, answering 1 000 000 questions, solving major world problems involving fair soccer teams or whether the weather is actually warm enough for not wearing a coat, planning lessons…Then going to MCF :). This is where I clear my head. I love that I can go and don’t have to think about what I want or need to do, or answer any questions. I arrive, read the board, and whether I like the plan or not, I do it. Unfortunately for those that I work out with they may hear complaints about some particular things (running, lunging, burpees, gymnastics stuff, etc.) but it’s kind of a ‘love/hate’ thing…I complain but do it anyway, and after I’m glad that I did and feel great… usually ;).

Favourite way to spend a Friday night?

Nothing too exciting, by that point of the week I’m usually happy to do nothing.  Occasionally going out with my coworkers, ending the week at the 6:30 pm class at MCF, or at this time of year, watching Jays games.

When did you start working out and why?

I started crossfit February 2012 (switched to MCF August 2015) after at least a year of listening to my friends talk about some terrifying workouts they seemed obsessed with. They talked endlessly about “PBs”, the workouts and the people from their gym so I had picked up on some of the lingo but continued to hold out as I didn’t consider myself an ‘athlete’. Eventually I had to check it out simply to join in on the conversations and went for a tour of the gym… and agreed to try a class, then agreed to a week and somehow 5 years have passed by.

Why Menesetung CrossFit?

While MCF has a great atmosphere, welcoming athletes (even those of us that still have trouble using that label for ourselves) of all abilities, I really love that it is a place to catch up with friends. Even if we are just crossing paths I know we will have the chance to see each other throughout the week no matter how busy we are, as this is something built into our schedules. I love that crossfit is for people of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds; people who may never have met or become friends without the atmosphere of this gym or this type of program and the support that athletes and coaches give each other.

What’s your favourite thing about working out?

It gets me out of my head… it’s really hard to leave my work at work some days but by the time I leave the gym my mind is usually clear and I can move on.

What’s your favourite type of workout?

Any where we lift heavy things! (…and doesn’t include running or burpees). My favourites are back squats, snatches, and more recently sled pushes.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you.

I wish I was musical. I think it would be great to be able to play the guitar or ukulele…?  but I can’t hold a beat or remember song lyrics or names.  I blame this lack of rhythm for my inability to do double unders, as well as my hatred of dancing…

And for our own selfish interest… any good recommendations for books or movies?

Recently what I’ve read is…Roald Dahl. Matilda or Charlie & the Chocolate Factory….both great. Don’t tell my students, but I don’t tend to find much time or desire to read books of my choice during the school year… As far as movies go, my all-time favourite is still National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – at any time of the year!