Rick Lobb– Family man, drummer, and all-star CrossFitter of 7 years. Also kick-ass Owner/Broker of Record, Royal LePage Heartland Realty, owner of Big Red and top-notch friend.

What does your day typically look like?

In the AM I’m woken by Archer the human alarm clock, then the ideal day consists of trying to kick some serious ass at real estating, then head to MCF for a serious ass-kicking at noon, then more real estating in the afternoon and sometimes into the evening, with some family time mixed in there.

What’s your favourite way to spend a Friday night?

Friday nights I always try and spend with my wife. It’s a nice way to end a busy week and an opportunity for us to catch up! #fridaynightwifenight

If you had an extra week of vacation this year and unlimited funding, what would you do?

Either take my family somewhere into the mountains in Western Europe, or spend the week recording an album with my band in a cool studio.

When did you start working out, and why?

I started working out when I was 35 as a stress reliever and to try and gain a better self image and build strength. I had a realization when I was 35… I injured my back picking up a computer the wrong way and decided that it was time to build more strength. I had always lived an active lifestyle but because I have a job that involves no real physical demands on my body, I wasn’t using my body in a way that nature intended it to work. For my first year, I just focused on lifting weights and gaining weight, but after about a year I had plateaued and was extremely bored with the same old workout routines. It was at that time a buddy had told me about this new approach to fitness, that was a “military-style workout” called CrossFit. I started to try and follow the workouts from the CrossFit website, but I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea of what all the jargon meant, and most of the movements were completely foreign to me. It was shortly after that I ran into Bev and Brian Jeffray who told me about a group workout they were doing that was basically CrossFit. I immediately joined and now it’s 7 years later, and I still love it.

Why Menesetung CrossFit?

I’ve never gotten bored. It’s ALWAYS a challenge; it’s never gotten easy. It makes me feel very alive (even though sometimes it feels like I’m dying during the workout). It’s given me more self-confidence, a better body image, more functional strength, and it’s an incredible and inspiring community of people who are very supportive of each other. It has become part of my everyday life and I can’t ever imagine myself not doing it.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you.

Although I’m an incredibly social person, and generally love being around people, I find an immense amount of solace in sitting on a tractor cutting grass listening to music and not talking to anyone.

And for our own selfish interest… any good recommendations for books or movies?

Watch the 1990’s movie Fearless with Jeff Bridges – and try NOT feel overwhelmed with emotion when at the end of the movie there is a long 10 min scene that uses Henryk Gorecki’s third symphony – my favourite piece of classical music.